Through our “Speak & Share” series we engage in salon-style, informal conversations with subject-matter experts facilitating the sharing personal experiences by attendees and providing self-advocacy guidance and feedback.


Speak Truth’s “We See You” events are a series of presentations and panels set to highlight “hidden figures” and “hidden struggles” of women of color.Topics range from women of color leaders in certain industries to the forgotten or invisible fights of incarcerated mothers or our trans sisters.


The Speak Truth Summit is a dynamic conference for WoC by WoC that aims to provide community and a space of healing but also self-advocacy skillsand self-empowerment to attendees. The Summit also provides a platform for vendors who provide goods and services particularly to WoC.

UpComing Events

Virtual Speak & Share

Started On: 05:30 PM

As Maya Angelou said "I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be

Virtual Speak & Share

5:30 p.m. 05:30 PM

Come join us for our first virtual "Speak & Share" as we create and build community during these

An Intersectional Look at Pay Inequity –

Started On: 06:00 PM Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 25 East Pearson, Chicago, Illinois

Join us for Part II of our four-part series exploring and activating around pay inequity. In Part I,

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Short answer: Invest in and support women of color! Resources and platforms dedicated to the empowerment, community, and success of women of color are scarce. Across layers of society and systems, little investment is put into the improvement of the state of women of color in this country and globally. So, how can we move the needle? And, how can YOU help? By sponsoring, supporting, and donating to Speak Truth to enable us to do programming and provide resources that directly impacts girls and women of color and to support and collaborate with other organizations and initiatives, that align with our mission.


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Closing the Pay Gap for Black Women

Closing the Pay Gap

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Speak Your Truth At the Doctor’s Office

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