Speak Truth Summit sets out to give voice and visibility to the state of women of color (WoC) in all facets of society in the United States by building an intersectional community among WoC by centering their truths where their voices keep being left out. Speak Truth also provides progressive and socially just thought-leadership, education, authority, and advocacy, and activates allies and partners around issues particularly and uniquely affecting WoC.

The Speak Truth Reset Agenda

“Going back to normal” is unacceptable to us, many people of color, and marginalized and underrepresented communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global exposing of systemic and historical failures that many marginalized, underrepresented communities, especially the black community, in the U.S. have been experiencing and battling for decades. Due to regional and local “lockdowns” and stay-at-home orders, our individual and societal lives have been ground to a halt and this “involuntary” pause has caused much reflection on an individual level but also as communities about how we as individuals and communities live, work, learn, do business, and engage. In addition to that, our country has seen an uprising and demand for justice in the wake of the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Many have been calling for a “reboot” or “reset” to break down the racist systems, to shift the status quo, to rectify the past, and set our communities, cities, and countries onto a better and equitable path. Speak Truth believes that this  universal “time out” that this pandemic forced has and should function as a “reset” of current systems and norms. 

Over the next months, Speak Truth will convene community leaders and subject matter experts to concretely identify and articulate what steps we as individuals should take in our personal and professional lives and calls to actions should be issued to all level of government to set better course. Those recommendations will form Speak Truth’s agenda, the “Speak Truth Reset” Agenda.

The topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Governmental Response to COVID-19 (including testing, contract tracing, and provision of social support services)
  • Pay & Power Equity in the Workplace
  • Education systems (K-12, higher education)
  • Economic Rebuilding, Resilience & Growth for Black Owned Small Businesses
  • Public Health Systems/Health Care/Cost of Health
  • Affordable Housing (i.e. renting, owning, financing, etc.)
  • Corporate Support of and Participation in Oppressive Systems
  • Black Entertainment Industry  Inequities and Oppression
  • Not-For-Profit Industry’s Participation in and Contribution to Anti-Blackness
  • Professional Sports Inequities & Disparate Outcomes
  • The Political Landscape/System and Lack of Representation
  • Community-Led Public Safety/Police Accountability/Criminal Justice System
  • The Epidemic of Interpersonal Violence Against Black Bodies
  • Institutional Religions and their Participation in Oppressive Government Actions and Systems
  • Holistic and Liberated Self-Preservation and Care for Black Women and Girls
  • Black Personal Wealth Growth & Management
  • Career Reset & Emerging Ahead Post-COVID for Black Women

The cycle of all forms of violence against people of color, and specifically black people, must
stop now. We cannot “return to normal” but must create a better “now.”

If you would like to join this collaborative effort and take part in the “Reset Agenda" initiative,
contact us at info@speaktruthsummit.com.

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