Speak Truth Summit sets out to give voice and visibility to the state of women of color (WoC) in all facets of society in the United States by building an intersectional community among WoC by centering their truths where their voices keep being left out. Speak Truth also provides progressive and socially just thought-leadership, education, authority, and advocacy, and activates allies and partners around issues particularly and uniquely affecting WoC.

Speak Truth Agenda

Women of color experience women’s rights and
issues in different and particular ways. Speak Truth monitors, tracks, and activates around those particularities and discrepancies in three particular areas: workplace, healthcare and wellness, and personal advocacy. The Speak Truth Agenda’s purpose is to provide a framework for advocacy around and a reference point on these issues. 


To achieve that, Speak Truth has formed three “task forces.” The purpose of the task forces is two-fold: (1) to be a source
of information to equip WoC with the necessary knowledge to be advocates for themselves and (2) to provide thought-leadership and data points on these issues to advocate for WoC as well as engage partners, allies, public officials and

Speak Truth will periodically conduct live and digital “Speak, Queen!” listening tours for the purpose of collecting data,
experiences, truths and gain a real-time pulse on the issues most pertinent to WoC and which will serve as focal points in Speak Truth programming, especially its Summits.


If you or your community would like to share your truths with us or if you would like to join one of our task forces, please
contact us at

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